Meet Romi (that's me)

There’s loads of things to learn about me. I’ll start with the voiceover bits and then you can keep reading if you want to know more about me.

And even better, you can always drop me a message so we can properly chat.

The Start of My Budding Voiceover Career

How I Discovered My Voice

I’ve always used my voice as a tool. As a science educator, I was very comfortable communicating and explaining complex ideas through my seminars and presentations.

For over 10 years I’ve also been teaching Yoga (one of the many pickups from my travelling which you might read about later on). Students were always commenting on how relaxing and clear my voice was. When a few of them suggested I should get into audiobooks, that was the first time that the idea of becoming a voiceover seriously took hold in my mind.

How right they were, when a few months later, the lockdowns reared their head and all my yoga work dried up. I was left with a creative hole that needed to be filled and remembering the comments on my voice, I began training as a voiceover artist and never looked back.

I now have years of training from some of the best mentors in the industry and have used my Scientific background as a way to spread technical concepts and jargon to a wider audience, using the voice that I’ve always had but never truly used until now.

Some Of My Other Creative Outlets


My lifelong passion

My love of photography really kicked off when I set up my own dark room as an undergraduate in my University’s Chemistry department.

In contrast to my passion for the sciences, my Chemistry knowledge allowed me to free my artistic side by developing my black and white photos in the cumbersome days before digital cameras.

I even managed to do quite well in a few Kodak photography competitions because of it!

My visual arts experience allowed me to become heavily involved in making short films and documentaries, which has given me a unique understanding of every level of production beyond simply voiceover.

Creative Writing(1)
Creative Writing

My first novel

Creative writing has always been a part of my life, ever since I was able to pick up a pen (or more likely it was a crayon that came first). 

I’ve had to battle hard with the writer’s worst enemy…procrastination, but I have had victory and written several contemporary short stories and am currently in the process of writing my first novel, so I’ve got plenty of publishing coming up in the near future.

My creative writing continues to give me insight into how I can more accurately communicate my thoughts and ideas to an audience. I always try to bring those lessons with me into my voiceover, to ensure that your message, no matter how technical, isn’t lost in translation.


My (pricey) fascination

I was bitten by the travel bug early on and my fascination with different cultures and traditions hasn’t dampened at all in the decades since that I’ve been travelling the world.

I’ve managed to reach nearly every continent bar South America (and Antarctica, of course). I did a majority of this when I backpacked around the world after completing my undergraduate degree, spending a considerable amount of time in Eastern Europe, Africa and India; where I studied Sanskrit, Yoga and Ayurveda (an ancient Indian medical system).

I’ve always been sure to take a piece of every culture that I’ve had the honour of meeting and using them to enrich every one of my performances.

And My Voiceover Passion Just Keeps Growing

Everything Else About Me!

As someone who has already thrown myself into the mysterious world of voiceover, I’m more aware than anyone about just how confusing it can be for someone approaching it from the outside.

It’s why my client relationships are so important to me and I’m always happy to answer any questions about what a voiceover can bring to your project, because without getting stuck into the training, this information can be so opaque to an outsider.

This attitude has already led me to working in a huge range of sectors already. While my prime expertise is in medical and scientific explainers, my flexibility with my clients has allowed me to tackle everything from e-learning for English language students, greeting customers through IVR (telephone systems), and being the voice for dozens of organisations.

I’m always growing and training as a VO, so if you’re looking for a Contemporary and Technical Female British Voiceover to help grow your organisation and spread your message, then I’d love to help you.

You've Read About Me

Now Get To Know Me

If you feel like I am the kind of creative that you can collaborate with in order to help bring your script into blossom, then I’d love to hear from you.

I’m always happy to talk in-depth about any project and offer any sample reads, so even if you just need to ask me a question, don’t hesitate to get it touch and I’ll be right back to you.